PL4H Creations is in the works of becoming a unique publishing company, in the business of publishing positive content in many forms, from books and magazines to music and more. Founded by Aaron J Kaplan and Aneela Chagarlamudi, PL4H Creations is the content publisher of works by Aaron J Kaplan, and is looking to expand, eventually, to publishing the works of other artists and writers. Feel free to use the Contact page on this blog to reach out and get into contact with us with any questions, comments, concerns, or proposals you may have regarding PL4H Creations and/or its artists and/or growing body of work.

Check out our huge website at http://www.pl4h.com for interactivity with our company, purchasing and free download links, events access, or to sign up for our email list or just explore!

Our other blogs of all original work include:

http://pl4hbackstagepass.wordpress.com – A backstage internet party to follow us around as we tour through life performing, learning, teaching, helping; anything that we may do that we think would be entertaining to tell of, to anyone, will be posted about here

http://breakawayfromsorrow.wordpress.com – Showcasing the positive arts of PL4H Creations

http://positivephilopsychosociology.wordpress.com – A positive spin on psychological and sociological issues looked at through a philosophical scope

http://hopesforstability.wordpress.com – On staying afloat in this ocean that is life, and maintaining a healthy boat that is the body and mind

http://farmquestpl4h.wordpress.com – A blog that will follow our FarmQuest- a journey through life as farmers (amateur for now!). We aspire to grow our own food, help to bring food to all corners of the Earth including those nooks and crannies where food is for now scarce, and create products using only plants. We plan on keeping everything 100% organic, and we plan on creating a net positive impact through our work, on the Earth and all people/animals.

Our other social media includes:

Twitter- http://www.twitter.com/PL4HCreations

Youtube- http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLtLxySxbNqBQOztGHAOWsQ

Facebook Artist Page- http://www.facebook.com/PL4HCreations/

Instagram- http://www.instagram.com/PL4HCreations

Snapchat- @pl4haaron

Email us for collaborations and other correspondence through the contact page on this blog, or at pl4hcreations@gmail.com